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Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)

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Jinrong Machinery made a debut in BITEC. Thailand International Processing and Packaging Technology Exhibition is a professional packaging exhibition with more than 20 years of history and has a good reputation in the Asia Pacific region.


BITEC always starts from a professional point of view. The exhibition not only exhibits the most advanced products and technologies in the world, but the invitation to host professional buyers also provides a platform for exhibitors to communicate and sell. . The exhibition features a wide range of products, including food packaging machinery, food processing technology, pharmaceutical packaging, pharmaceutical equipment and cosmetic processing and processing technology, PET and plastic packaging technology and machinery.


Now it has become the most important exhibition for professional manufacturers to explore the Asian market, especially the Thai market, master professional information, understand the current trends in the international market, master the latest technology and sign the order contract. The exhibition gathers the leading brands in the world's packaging and processing industry, leading the trend of the industry. The high international and supply diversity of the exhibition creates a communication platform between exhibitors and visitors, allowing participants to expand their business opportunities.


The exhibition also attracted many large companies in our industry to participate in the exhibition: KHS, KRONES, Sidel etc. We were honored to be able to study with these peers at this exhibition, and also internationally establish your own brand image in the exhibition. We have invited many customers to come to our booth to familiarize ourselves with our brand, mainly to let customers know that Jinrong is a high quality brand in China. After the exhibition, we also invited customers to come to our factory for visits and inspections, laying a good foundation for the next step of cooperation.

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