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Bottle Labelers are Available for All Sizes of Manufacturing Units

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The label is basically a tiny piece of fabric, paper, plastic or any other material. It provides complete information regarding the product. The labels are mostly attached to the product which it defines. When the complete information is printed straightaway on the bottle, then it is recognized as labeling. At present, the labeling is done with the help of Automatic Labeling Machine.

Automatic Labeling Machine

When it comes to the bottle labelers, then they are available for all sizes of manufacturing units. It might be difficult for the product owners to find the right label for the bottles.

Labeling Functions

There are many important functions of labeling. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It offers the main info regarding the product. Moreover, it explains the contents present in it.

  • With the help of labeling, it is quite easy to identify the items as well as brands.

  • Labeling makes it easy for people to categorize the diverse qualities of similar items.

  • It also assists in promoting product sales as it might grab the attention of the consumers.

It can be beautified exceptionally. Thus, the more beautiful will be the labeling, the more people will be attracted towards the product.

Diverse Types of Labeling Materials

For labeling, diverse types of materials are used. We have specified these materials as follows:

  • Laminated Paper Labels

This type of label is manufactured by combining 2 or more layers of thin plastic. It is better than coated paper labels.

  • Coated Paper Labels

This label type has been planned with the coating applied on one side only. It is quite light as compared to the other labeling materials.

  • Polypropylene Labels

It is quite advanced in nature because it offers resistance to cold, heat and tearing. This material has been made up of a thermoplastic substrate.

  • Synthetic Composite Labels

This label is durable, tough and waterproof. It looks like a heavyweight paper. Moreover, the plastic labeling machine prints it like a paper.

Important Things to Consider In Labeling

You have to consider many important things in labeling. They are described as follows:

  • Measure Your Product

It is imperative to know the measurement of the product on which you want to attach the label. By following this way, you will be able to design the label in a better way.

  • Selecting the Right Label Size

The size of the label is very important. One needs to consider the complete view of the product and then choose the right label size. Space and margins must be properly estimated.

  • Selecting the Right Design

The label design must rely on your objective for creating the label. In this way, the sleeve labeling machine will design the label properly.

Best Bottle Labeling Machines

There are many machines that are best in labeling the bottles. They are pointed below:

  • START International LAB01 Manual Bottle Label Applicator

  • Semi-Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine

  • ZL5 Label Applicator Machine

  • Bottle Label Applicator Machine for Small Home Businesses HC6

You can easily choose any of the above labeling machines that suit your needs and budget. However, it is recommended that you choose the Automatic Labeling Machine because it will save you labor cost.

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