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Bottled Water Packaging Machinery

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Basically, the packaging machinery consist of production lines intended for the introduction of products into their containers or packaging bottles. In the case of the bottled water packaging machinery, this equipment is used in the introduction and packaging of mineral water into bottles.


In most cases, the bottled water packaging machinery is a part of the entire bottled water filling machine. When selecting machinery, it is essential to take into account both the product to be packaged and the production needs. For a particular product, one type of equipment or another will be chosen.  With respect to the production needs, the level of automation and the speed of the line should be taken into account.

For the selection of bottle water packaging machine, the following points should also be taken into account: technical capabilities, personnel needs, job security, maintenance, service level, reliability, reliability, ability to integrate within the production line, cost of equipment, space required, flexibility, energy consumption, quality of the produced packaging, certifications, efficiency, productivity, ergonomics, return on investment, etc.

If you are curious to know how the bottle water packaging machine works to fill water, then let’s get on with it. However, for the sake of this post, we will focus on a few models. There are three main models of machine for bottled mineral water, being: Automatic Rotary Filler, Filler 5 and 10 liters and Bottle Filler.

How does mineral water bottling filling machine work in Automatic Rotary Filler?

This machine works through a system that positions the 10 liter or 20 liter bottles correctly to receive water released by the nozzles of the packaging valves. This machine is used to fill water in these two types of bottles, through a small adaptation of the star. The flow is interrupted when the pressure inside the tank equals the pressure inside the tank.

And how does a water filling machine work in the 5 and 10 liter Filler?

This machine is slightly different from the one presented previously. The 5 and 10 liter Filler works with the use of a treadmill, which will position the 5, 6 or 10 liter bottles under the filling valve. When properly positioned the bottles, the water is released and fills the bottles by the force of gravity. After all the determined contents have been released, the valve closes and waits for the positioning of a new car. In this case it is also necessary to adjust for different types of bottles that the Filler 5 and 10 liter can pack, overlap or remove parts of the guide and pressing a button on the machine panel.

Finally, how does a bottle filler work?

 In the case of the bottle filler, it works by gravity action and by pressure balance, that is, as soon as the 510 to 1,500 bottles are positioned under the bottling valves, the water is released and fills the bottles. This machine for packaging water also bottles carbonated mineral water. It is important to note that a single water bottling source can work with all three machines at the same time as long as there is sufficient flow.

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