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Beverage Pre-Treatment System
Sugar Melting Machine
This equipment is one of the necessary equipments in beverage, food and medicine industry. It could completely finish the work such as syrup boil, cool, mixing and storage in one body.
Mixing Tank
This equipment is an assistant part for carbonation water and wine on beverage filling line. It is used to mix syrup and other kind of liquid. It is made of super stainless steel. It has nice outlook, safe, hygiene characteristic and so on.
Double filter
This machine is suitable for removing the solid matter from fresh milk, syrup, beverages and any liquid. Two filters can change using each other; it is not necessary to stop the machine as you change the filter net, and it also is suitable to work for a long time.
Beverage Mixer
QHS– beverage mixing machine is used for carbonation and proportion mixing of water, syrup, and CO2, in producing carbonated beverages, for examples, lemon, coca cola, and so on. It is the main equipment in whole beverage production line. (Especially for middle and higher standard beverage production).
Water Chiller
Water chiller series is used for cooling of plastic mould and injection machine oil tank, through fast cooling, it reduces production operation time, and thus improves production capacity and quality of plastic products, it is also necessary cooling equipment for hospital CT machine, chemistry reactor and precision type instrument workshop.

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