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Printing Machine
Inkjet printer machine
Gear pump technology and diaphragm pump technology, the perfect combination of wear resistance, to create its stability and economy. More user-friendly operating system, bringing together a number of international cutting-edge technology, in the stable, smart, between the excellent quality.
Laser printer marking machine
Anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious, can effectively inhibit the product logo fake. High precision printing and accurate control, environmental protection and safety.
Cleaning and Sterilization
CIP Cleaning System
The machine is suitable for dairy products’ manufacture for cleaning the pipes; it is also suitable for brewery factory, and beverage factory.
Bottle Invert Sterilizer
This machine is mainly used to sterilize the interspaces which can not be reached by high temperature materials in the mouths or capsules of bottles after the beverage like tea or juice has been hot filled and closed over. After the product being filled and closed over, the bottle shall be inverted 90°-100° automatically and put flatware by the machine, and the inner of the bottle shall be sterilized through the high temperature of the materials and then bottle shall be put vertically and enter into the spray cooler.
Shower & Cooler
This machine is fit for juice or tea drinks production line. Tunnel-like model is designed for Shower-cooling sector, which is fit for serving the filled containers in the beverage production line. The containers are transported by the conveying system into the tunnel of Shower-cooling sector and in different temperature zone are cooled by water spray of different temperature. The machine is widely applied to the sterilizing and cooling of bottles, or PET, or cans for hot-filling beverage.
Packing Machine
Shrink packing machine
Automatic Thermal Shrinkage Film Wrapping Package Machine is a new type of packing machine which combine merits of both domestic land and oversea similar machinery. It is widely used in beverage, food, medical-chemical combinative package.
Automatic carton packing machine for bottles
Modular architecture provides a high degree of flexibility, the linear arrangement of the machine makes the package particularly accurate.
Wrapping Machine
Wrapping Machine
Improve production efficiency, but also to prevent damage to the goods in the handling process, and play a dust, moisture and cleaning effect.
Robot palletizer can be in accordance with the requirements of the  grouping methods and layers, to complete the bags, plastic blocks, boxes and other products of the palletizing. For the post-packaging work to establish a high efficiency, high flexibility of the production process.

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