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Blowing Machine
Semi-auto bottle blowing machine
Special program controlling element of the HY-series bottle blowing machine is the new generation multifunction intellect time relay our company developed special for bottle blowing customers. We adopt eight bit Single Chip Micyoco processing technic, programming according to the working feature of the bottle blowing machine.
Automatic linear bottle blowing machine
Based on the oversea advanced technique, this machine is adapted to blowing PET bottles for purified water and mineral water. This machine is reasonable with the structure, saving with the area, small expense with the air, and stable with the operation. According with the related national sanitary standard for foodstuff, it is the ideal equipment for enterprises worldwide.
Rotary bottle blowing machine
Automatic rotary bottle blowing machine is high-speed rotary blowing machine by Jiangsu Jinrong Machinery Co., Ltd, which adopts advanced blowing technology, which blowing machines with high pressure compressed air from PET preforms to bottles. The machine needs suitable performs with the bottles, and it is used for blowing of separate blowing machine or before filling line.
Combi-block features high efficiency, low cost and low energy consumption. It will be the trend in the industry for the Light bottle BFC Combi-block replaces the traditional production technology with separated bottle-blowing, filling and capping machines.

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