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What Makes Up A Turnkey Packaging System

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A complete packaging system is termed as turnkey packaging system. A packager can easily use it. However, if you want to have a better understanding of this system then no problem! We are going to explain what makes up a turnkey packaging system.


What is a turnkey packaging system?

As you know that every packaging project involves diverse machines. These machines include power conveyor systems, filling machines, loading and rinsing machines and so forth. In the industry of packaging, the turnkey is known as a complete system of packaging.

However, for different beverage products, different types of packaging solutions are required. These solutions include water filling solution, juice filling solution, and carbonated drinks filling line. In the same way, for diverse edible items, other packaging solutions are considered.

The Complete Packaging System

This turnkey packaging system is completely automatic. First of all, the bottles are loaded on the power conveyor system. In this way, they could easily be transferred to each part of the machinery. The main systems will make use of loading turntables to finish the process.

The power conveyor makes up the circulation system of the packaging line. It might be designed utilizing a range of diverse materials. These materials might incorporate stainless steel or aluminum. The conveyor systems are able to move in a straight direction.

The bottles are rinsed with the help of the rinsing machine. It cleans up the bottles in a proper manner. When the bottles are properly cleaned and set up then the filling machine performs its task. For different drink, a different filling solution is needed. For example, the water filling solution is used for the water bottles and juice filling solution is utilized for the juice bottles. However, for the carbonated drinks, the carbonated drinks filling line is utilized.

For the filling process, the gravity filling machines, as well as overflow fillers, are used. They are able to handle thick and thin liquids. In diverse industries, the automatic filling machine is utilized to move the bottles under the fill heads. It is able to reduce the labor cost.

When the bottles are filled then the next step is to seal them properly. The caps are used to seal them properly. The famous capping machine is known as spindle capper. It is utilized to tightly set up the cap on each bottle. This automatic capping machine also includes a delivery system. With its help, the bottles are capped one after the other in a rapid manner.

After capping, the bottles are transferred to the packager. Now, the packager can easily load these bottles for delivery. However, the products are collected for delivery preparation. The accumulating turntable collects the final product at one place for easy loading into the cardboard boxes.

The turnkey packaging system includes rinsing, filling, and packaging of the items. For specific drinks, a specific type of packaging solution is involved in the turnkey packaging system. Like, to fill up the water bottles, this system involves water filling solution. On the other hand, for the carbonated drinks or juices, it makes use of carbonated drinks filling line or juice filling solution. However, the entire turnkey packaging system remains the same.  

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