3-in-1 Water Filling Machine 3-in-1 Water Filling Machine

Filling medium: mineral water, pure water, drinking water, mountain spring water, etc
Capacity: 4000~40000bph
Bottle size: 200ml to 2L

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  • Model: JR50-50-12
  • Brand: JINRONG
  • Code: 8422301090
  • Product Description

Water Filling Machine Description

Water Filling Machine

3-in-1 water filling machine can be used to fill water in bottles made of polyester or glass. The cap could be normal plastic cap, sports cap, aluminum cap and others.

Filling medium: mineral water, pure water, drinking water, mountain spring water, etc

Capacity: 4000~40000bph

Bottle size: 200ml to 2L

Water Filling Machine Video

Water Filling Machine Features

1. Rotary rinser is suitable for all kinds of bottle type. The water filling machine is position type spray. Bottle type replacement and lifting are easy to adjust.

2. Water filling method is gravity filling, the whole process is automatic, using advanced Omron or Siemens PLC control equipment.

3. Advanced automatic capping system, magnetic clutch and capper, adjustable torque, ensures the quality of capping.

Water Filling Line Detail

Water Filling Machine

Water Filling Machine Technical Parameter

Model Capacity Overall dimenstion Power Weight
JR14-12-4 4000BPH 2400*1900*2800 3kw 4000kg
JR16-16-5 6000BPH 2600*1900*2200 3kw 4500kg
JR18-18-6 8000bph 2800*2050*2200 3kw 5000kg
JR24-24-8 12000bph 3100*2250*2800 4kw 6500kg
JR32-32-10 15000BPH 3600*2900*2900 5.5kw 8000kg
JR40-40-10 18000BPH 4250*3250*2900 7.5kw 9500kg
JR50-50-12 20000BPH 5200*3700*3000 11kw 13000kg
JR60-60-15 24000BPH 6300*4400*3000 11kw 16000kg
JR72-72-16 32000BPH 6900*4950*3000 11kw 17000kg
JR80-80-18 36000BPH 7600*5100*3000 15kw 19000kg
JR100-100-20 40000BPH 9800*6600*3000 18.5kw 25000kg

Electrical and pneumatic parts

Items Products Name Brand
1 Frequency converter Siemens
2 PLC Siemens
3 Circuit breaker Siemens
4 Circuit contactor Siemens
5 Thermal relay Siemens
6 Proximity switch Omron
7 Fiber switch Omron
8 Touch screen: Kinco/Siemens
9 Pneumatic components AIRTAC/FESTO
10 Stainless Steel POSCO

Company Profile

Jinrong Machinery

1. The biggest manufacturer of filling machine in Jiangsu Province in China

2. Nearly 30 years experience in water, juice, carbonated drink complete line

3. 150,000 square meter of land

4. 300,000 square meter of modern standard house

5. Equipment is exported to all over the world

After-sales Service

1. Immediately engineer sending after visa and ticket ready

2. Over 10-year experienced engineers for machine installation and training

3. 7 days /week online for customer’s trouble shooting after installation

4. 1000㎡ spare parts warehouse ensure quick delivery within 12hours for urgent spare parts replacement