First PET bottle Made of 100% Recyclate

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The Bottles & ShapesTM made their bundling sustainable and ecological with the help of KHS specialists. They designed the first PET bottle for the market of Germany. This PET bottle was made up from 100 percent recyclate. The company has picked diverse materials to form this bottle. It has put forth a model for the beverage companies. KHS specialists supported the plan from the beginning to the end. They have utilized the latest PET bottle making machine and advanced techniques.

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KHS And Bottles & ShapesTM Collaboration

Because of the company’s services and items, KHS is striving to save more resources when it comes to the bottle making process. This goal has played an imperative role in the innovative marketplace. The goal was set to change things for the better. The goal was accomplished on large-scale cooperation. The KHS specialists worked with the preform manufacturer known as Alpenwasser on this project. The KHS PET experts’ successful consultancy program with the Bottles & ShapesTM has produced more than 4000 bottle designs. KHS had a vast experience due to which the Bottles & ShapesTM carried out this project.

The first PET bottle made up from 100 percent recyclate is definitely a new development. According to the start-up share’s concept, when people will purchase each item then the company will donate a further item to the needy ones. Moreover, the sale of these new PET bottles this year will reduce plastic waste up to 300 metric tons. The creators have stated that they can produce top quality PET bottles by using the recycled PET. In the creation of the bottle design, KHS was a valued partner of the Bottles & Shapes™. Both of them shared diverse ideas efficiently and rapidly to create something new and innovative.

The particular use of the recyclate was not so challenging. According to the makers, the material was in dark shade. The preforms were easy to heat. Thus, it was simple to make PET bottles with recycled material instead of virgin material. 

Why Was KHS The Right Company?

Whether it is a discussion of bottle design or production, KHS is the right company to talk to. It has a vast experience in designing the bottles and producing them. The company uses advanced bottle making machine and new technological innovations to complete the designing and production process.

Nevertheless, the bottle making machine price depends on the technological innovation used in it. If the machine has more features and the latest technology then its price will be higher than the others.

Other Imperative Things

Iris Braun is a person whose share has got diverse imperative ambitions. He has produced amazing products on the large scale that fortified the modification in consumption awareness among the buyers. He has made many donations for needy people across the globe. When the first PET bottle made up recyclate was introduced then it increased the awareness among different beverage makers. Many of them started making use of sustainable bottles for the betterment of the environment.

Many bottle making companies have contacted KHS to maximize the percentage of recycled material they use. Technical opportunities are readily available without the requirement of any variation. The bottle making companies are also considering the latest machinery due to which they have set a specific budget. Nonetheless, it seems that the advanced bottle machine price will remain the same.