How does the system of the vat water filling machine work

The programmable controller control system is used for automatic operation, and the power transmission adopts a geared motor and a pneumatic control system, which is reliable in performance, easy to operate and easy to maintain. The entire process of bottle washing, filling, capping and capping is carried out in a closed tunnel, which effectively prevents secondary pollution that may occur during the filling process of pure water, and fully meets the hygienic standards. The system is all made of stainless steel, and other parts are also made of non-toxic and durable composite materials. The electrical and pneumatic systems use imported components, so the equipment failure rate is low and the reliability is high. This machine not only has foreign original equipment, advanced technology, high degree of automation, convenient operation, reliable performance and other styles.

Automatic capping machine, automatic inner brushing machine, automatic outer brushing machine, the worker puts the barrel into the conveyor belt, and the barrels are initially cleaned by the above three devices and then sent to the filling machine through the automatic barrel loading system. Among them, the automatic cap removal machine can use 1~3 heads to automatically remove the cap according to the different matching of output. Automatic internal brushing machine, the cylinder drives the brush into the barrel for 360-degree cleaning. The automatic external brush machine is divided into linear and rotary external brushes, which perform external flushing on the barrels entering the machine.

Bottle washing goes through five stations. The first station is washed and disinfected with chlorine dioxide (CLO2), and the flushing time is adjustable. The station is for pure water cleaning, and the time can be adjusted according to different needs. The fifth station is to dry the residual water in the rinsed bucket. The cleaned barrels are conveyed by the chain conveying mechanism and land on the barrel holding mechanism. The barrel holding mechanism straightens the empty barrel, the filling valve is pressed, and the filling starts. The filling time can be adjusted according to the flow rate of the filling pump.

The large bucket water filling machine is used for filling and capping. When the filling is completed, the bucket output transmission mechanism will send the bucket filled with water to the cover of the cap sorting machine. Press the bottle cap tightly, and at this point, a flushing cycle is completed.

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