How to disinfect and clean the three-in-one filling machine

Disinfection and cleaning method of the three-in-one filling machine

1. Rotate and loosen the upper and lower fastening screws, remove the injection system as a whole for disinfection, or remove it for disinfection and cleaning separately.

2. Put the liquid inlet tube into the cleaning solution and start cleaning.

3. There may be errors in the actual filling of the 500ml model, so they should be measured accurately before formal filling.

4. Three-in-one filling machine needles, 10 standard 5ml or 10ml syringes, 20 20ml glass fillers, and 100 100ml glass fillers.

The three-in-one filling machine is mainly used for filling beverages. The machine integrates three functions of cleaning, filling and capping. The whole process is automated. It is suitable for filling polyester bottles, plastic bottles, beverages, mineral water, pure water, heating temperature control devices, and can also be used for hot filling. The adjustment of each part of the test bottle is realized by turning the handle, which is easy and fast to operate. The filling method adopts a new type of micro-pressure filling, which makes the filling speed faster and more stable, so compared with machines of the same specification, it has higher output and higher efficiency. The programmable controller used in the three-in-one filling machine controls the automatic operation of the machine. The bottle feeding chain adopts the air supply mode, and cooperates with the main inverter to make the bottle feeding operation more stable and reliable. The operation of each component is detected by photoelectricity, so that the degree of automation is high and the operation is convenient. On this basis, the three-in-one filling machine can change the filling equipment to form a low vacuum filling mode.

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