Is Juice Better for You Than Soda?

Author: Jinrong Machinery Publish Time:

As we have connected to technology more and more after each day, we also have understood what is right for our health and which product is just a marketing tactic. One of the products that we are going away from is Soda. Soda is in no way favourable for our health. Studies show that the high sugar content leaves a negative impact on our health, and it can cause heart diseases, weight gain, diabetes, tooth decay and stone formation. There was a time when carbonated drink filling machine was trendy in the market, soda drink was, but now the trend has changed.

Due to the changing trend, these days, the juice filling machine has gained popularity in the market, and juice sales have increased. We have switched from Soda to juice in thinking them healthier for our health. However; a question that arises in our minds is that if the juice is better than Soda.

I need to mention here that a regular juice has the same value of sugar in itself, which is found in a soda drink. It is a reality that the vitamins, the antioxidants and minerals in the juices give them edge over the Soda when it comes to nutritionist side of the picture. However; every diabetic expert agrees with the point that these juices have the same value of sugar as found in a soda. Let' s take an example; a cup of grape juice has 36 grams of sugar while a cup of grape soda has 27 grams of sugar.


Let me give a medical point of view in this situation as well. Experts say that when your intake a fruit juice, the sugar in itself is digested and is released in your blood faster; thus, it increases the sugar level in your body. Now, this procedure of increase in sugar level in the blood causes the body to pump more value of insulin than usual. The large quantity of insulin can cause the danger of level 2 diabetes and fat storage.

The juice filling machine for sale in the market have technology in itself with the help of which the vitamins of stored juice don' t reach our body effectively. These juice filling machines help the juice to be stored in a container for a longer time than it was being stored previously. Experts state that the contained juices, due to the modern storage technology, lose their vitamins and nutrients before they are provided to the users.

So, a question that arises in our minds is that with the huge sales of juice filling machine, the marketers will be providing the juices in large quantity. So, what should our step be here at the moment? I want to suggest here that to fulfil our thirst; we should get back to using water. Despite all the advancements we have made till the moment in juice filling machine or carbonated drink filling machine or in any other relevant field, humans don' t have come up with a replacement of qualities of water. So, I prefer water over modern drinks.