Precautions before and after use of the three-in-one filling machine

The three-in-one filling machine integrates cleaning, filling and sealing. It is suitable for hot filling production of various fruit juices and tea beverages. At the same time, by replacing a small number of parts, it can be used for filling pure water and mineral water. The product output is 5000~24000 bottles/hour, which can be selected by users. The three-in-one filling machine adopts the micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle, the filling speed is fast, stable and accurate, it has a perfect material return system, and can also realize independent return without contacting the material, reducing the secondary pollution of the material and oxidation. This machine can meet the technical requirements of hot filling below 95°C. There are no hygienic dead ends in the filling valve and the feed and discharge pipelines. At the same time, it is equipped with CIP self-cleaning interface. Install a reverse osmosis water flushing device before sealing to ensure that the bottle mouth is not moldy. The three-in-one filling machine adopts a magnetic tightening head to realize the grasping and closing function. The torque of the screw cap is steplessly adjustable, and it has the function of constant torque rotating seal and plastic cap. In a filling machine adopts human-machine interface touch screen control and other technologies Three, PLC computer program control, frequency converter control, etc. It has automatic control functions covering the system, automatic detection of filling temperature, high temperature alarm material, low temperature shutdown and automatic reflow, If there is no bottle, no cap will be added, waiting for lack of bottle and stop without cap. And the installation and commissioning process of the three-in-one bottle washing machine.

Problems that should be paid attention to during the installation of the three-in-one filling machine

  1. After the machine is unpacked, first check whether the random technical information is complete and whether the machine is damaged during transportation, so as to solve it in time.
  2. Install and adjust the feeding module and unloading module according to the outline drawing in this manual.
  3. Lubricate with new lubricating oil.
  4. Steering gear and crank handle to check whether the machine is running in the correct direction (motor shaft rotating counterclockwise), and machine protective grounding.

It is very important to pay attention to the three operations before and after the use of a filling machine, which are the key to the installation, commissioning, use and maintenance of the filling machine. This is also related to the quality and efficiency of the filling machine manufacturer.

First of all, when using the three-dimensional integrated filling machine, install and debug for the first time, read the instructions carefully before debugging, and prepare the tools for use. After the filling machine is installed, adjust the filling track and connecting plate to a level. The reservoir is filled with material and all electrical switches are in the off position. Insert the container to be filled into the toolbox and connect to an external power source. The power socket is a tripod socket with a reliable ground wire to prevent the case from leaking electricity. Turn on the power switch of the machine, and the power indicator light is on. Put the filling rack with three filling rack support plates on a filling machine and move the positioning sleeve over the filling head with your fingers. The positioning sleeve should be able to move up and down flexibly, and the filling needle can be exposed or retracted without obstruction. Push the switch under the reservoir to the ON position to allow material to flow to the total metering pump. Adjust the screw on the crank according to the total amount filled in each container. Turn the knob of the filling speed control board to about 20 degrees, and then turn on the switch to the open position of the filling speed control board.

After using the three-in-one filling machine, attention should be paid to its maintenance, while removing the piston and fixing screws, so as not to affect the requirements of another process. After the piston filling machine is cleaned, the remaining product in the filling machine should be cleaned, and then the barrel should be filled with a mild cleaning solution. Cylinders are lubricated when they leave the factory. Please do not open or add any lubricating oil to make sure the surface of the filling machine is clean and hygienic, and cut off the power when it does not work. In addition, while maintaining and using the filling machine correctly, it also regularly inspects and debugs. Only such a three-in-one filling machine works healthily and develops steadily.

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