3-in-1 Bottled Water Filling Machine

3-in-1 water filling machine can be used to fill water in bottles made of polyester or glass. The cap could be normal plastic cap, sports cap, aluminum cap and others.
Filling medium: mineral water, pure water, drinking water, mountain spring water, etc
Capacity: 4000~40000bph
Bottle size: 200ml to 2L
1. Rotary rinser is suitable for all kinds of bottle type. The water filling machine is position type spray. Bottle type replacement and lifting are easy to adjust.
2. Water filling method is gravity filling, the whole process is automatic, using advanced Omron or Siemens PLC control equipment.
3. Advanced automatic capping system, magnetic clutch and capper, adjustable torque, ensures the quality of capping.

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Machine Detail

Washing Heads: The bottle rinsing cramps are of stainless steel clipping structure, which is out of touch of the screw thread of bottle mouth, with stable bottle clipping and high-efficient bottle rinsing.

Filling Heads: The parts with contact to product are made of 304 stainless steel. The outer and inner surfaces of filling cylinder have been treated by mirror finish,and filling cylinder is aseptic treatment. The water filling machine applies filling cylinder and bottle ascending and descending to keep it clean. The water filling machine uses gravity filling with high-speed filling and accurate filling liquid level.

Capping Heads: Applies Germany technology with magnetic capping. Can protect the system in overloading, with stable & reliable capping torque. There are no cap biting, higher capping, inclined capping and hemming.

Technical Parameter

ModelCapacityOverall dimenstionPowerWeight

Company Profile

1. The biggest manufacturer of filling machine in Jiangsu Province in China
2. Nearly 30 years experience in water, juice, carbonated drink complete line
3. 150,000 square meter of land
4. 300,000 square meter of modern standard house
5. Equipment is exported to all over the world

After-sales Service

1. Immediately engineer sending after visa and ticket ready
2. Over 10-year experienced engineers for machine installation and training
3. 7 days /week online for customer’s trouble shooting after installation
4. 1000㎡ spare parts warehouse ensure quick delivery within 12hours for urgent spare parts replacement