Sidel Introduces X-LITE Still The Lightest Industrial Bottle At the Best Production Speed

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Sidel X-LITE Still is the advanced and creative PET bundling solution for the non-pressurized Still water. It has an exceptional light bottle design. It is also cost-efficient and sustainable bundling accessible on the market. The manufacturers are looking to improve their bundling and manufacturing costs.

The height of these bottles is 195 mm and the weight is 6.5 grams. X-LITE Still is the lightest one of all. The capacity of this bottle design is 500 ml. When it comes to the performance level then no one can beat it. The company is making use of the best bottle making machine for these PET bottles. These bottles have a light water neck finishing.

The bottle making machine price depends on the features and characteristics of the machine. The company is paying special attention to the features of the machine to make their bottles exceptional and of top quality.

PET bottle making machine

Extreme Packaging Performance

X-LITE Still incorporates the proven main solution of StarLITE™ Still. It has been implemented across the globe because of its amazing stability and stress-resistant feature. The amazing flexibility of the design and the lightweight possibility is clear. Furthermore, the Starlite Still saved energy to a great level. It became possible because of the reduction in heating power and blowing pressure. However, no compromises were made on the quality and performance of the packaging. The Sidel X-LITE can adapt the main design to save energy to the maximum. The reduced heating power and blowing pressure will also have a great effect on the total production cost.

The engineers of the company have optimized the X-LITE Still for the Super Combi, the perfect solution incorporating 5 main steps. These steps are mentioned below:

• Blowing

• Labeling

• Perform Feeding

• Cap Feeding

• Filling

Laurent Naveau, the packaging expert of Sidel have stated that “Dependent on the preform design for the best mechanical performances, this advanced adding to our portfolio of packaging is capable to bear up the labeling task on the empty bottles. However, it is lightweight to an extreme level. It enables for the perfect bottle shape design for the nested packages. Moreover, it allows an optimum load resistance of around 35 KG. It has the capacity to fulfill the requirements of the supply chains. “

Sustainable Packaging Solution

As Still Water is the lightest bottle around the world, X-LITE Still amazingly decreases the consumption of PET resin. For instance, when you will compare the weight of the bottles of 12 grams, the new solution will be able to save around 1500 tons of PET each year. In this way, energy saving will go up to 400,000 kWh per year. The company is using advanced PET bottle making machine for these bottles. This machine has the latest technology due to which it saves energy.

Final Words

The company is producing the lightest bottles around the world. However, they also want to reduce the total production cost. For that reason, they are using the latest PET machinery. This machinery cannot just consume less power but provides excellent output in a short period. The PET bottle machine price is contingent upon the features. Sidel is using a machine that has the best features to suit their needs.

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