The precautions for three-in-one filling operation

Now that people’s living standards have improved, the needs of life have become more and more extensive.The filling business has also been vigorously developed. Many companies have used three-in-one filling machine equipment in production. What are the precautions for three-in-one filling operation?

The precautions for three-in-one filling operation:

1. When the centrifuge is in the pre-cooling state, the centrifuge cover must be closed. After the centrifugation process is completed, take out the rotor and place it upside down on the test bench, wipe off the remaining water in the cavity, and keep the centrifuge cover open.

2. When the centrifuge is running, do not move the centrifuge.

3. The ground where the centrifuge is placed should be solid and flat, and the two leveling screws should be adjusted so that the centrifuge is in contact with the ground and is evenly stressed to avoid vibration.

4. Adding liquid to the centrifuge tube should be weighed and balanced. If the difference between adding liquid is too large, there will be a large vibration during operation. At this time, stop the machine and check to make the liquid filling meet the requirements. The centrifuge tubes must be placed in an even number and symmetrically.

5. If the centrifuge tube breaks during operation, it will cause large vibration and should be stopped immediately.

6. In the process of using the centrifuge of beverage machinery, if a machine failure occurs or a component is damaged, it is necessary to contact the technical personnel in time.

7. When the rotor is pre-cooled, the rotor cover can be placed on the platform of the centrifuge, or placed on the test bench. It must not be unscrewed and floated on the rotor.Because once it is started by mistake, the rotor cover will fly out and may cause an accident.

8. During the centrifugation process, the operator is not allowed to leave the centrifuge room. Once an abnormal situation occurs, the operator cannot turn off the POWER button and must press STOP button.The operator should fill in the centrifuge usage record before pre-cooling.

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