Increase in the Demand for Fortified Drinks Spurs Growth in Beverage

According to a report by the beverage and food processing machinery in 2018, making up the association of packaging and processing technology, there is a steady growth in the beverage filling machine market. It is also predicted that by the end of the year 2021, a growth of 4.2% must have been achieved in the US market.

There has been several innovations in the packaging industry particularly from the beverage processors. This is as a result of the drastic decrease in the demand for carbonated soft drinks. However, this innovation is aimed at attracting new and old customers back to the category. Today, steady growth as a result of increasing focus on beverages that are healthier drives the market.

In 2016, it was estimated that the US market for beverage and food processing machinery ranked at over $5bn. In addition, it was also predicted that there will be growth up to over %6bn with the 2.8% steady growth.

Today, it is perceived that one of the most impressive competitors in global business is the beverage machinery market estimated to be about $1bn. That is quite impressive, no doubt. The growth rate is way faster than what is obtainable in a conventional market.

According to PMMI and their analyses of the business market, it is observed that there is unrelenting demand for beverage products which further increases the turnover rate of the beverage drink filling machine and the entire processing and packaging lines.

In a statement, it opined that investment in processing machinery is being driven by the high demand for variety in beverages. It continued with stating that there is an increase in customer demand for new products which they use for a wide range of occasions and to serve for different times of the day.

In addition, as demand continuously changes for the relatively new and modified products, there is a shorter machinery shelf life as a result of the diversity of the beverage industry. However, this has resulted in the overwhelming investment in machinery that will be used in the production of modified, alternative or new products.

With the high competition in the industry, the half of the industry’s revenue market share is being held by the top 50 largest companies. There is also heavy completion at the local level where the small beverage processing machine manufactures play a significant role.  Here, they ensure that highly efficient and standard beverage filling equipment are always available in the market for the continuous production process.

Fortified drinks make up one of the key drivers of the growth in the demand for beverage production line. This is because consumers keep looking for healthier and function options. There is a gradual drift from the former carbonated soft drinks to the beverages. But then, those involved in beverage processing have kept on with innovative ideas which is aimed at encouraging consumers to keep spending on both new smaller pack sizes and new packaging designs of these bottle filling equipment. This means a great boost in the industry.

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