How to deal with the unstable filling capacity of filling machine

Filling accuracy is an important factor to show the performance of filling machine, which directly affects the quality of drugs. The stability of filling accuracy is an important guarantee to produce qualified drugs. In view of the unstable loading of ceramic pump filling system in filling and plugging machine, the reasons can be analyzed from two aspects of mechanical structure and electrical control, and the solutions are put forward.

The mechanical structure of the filling machine system is as follows:

  1. Liquid dispensing system: It is used to transfer the prepared liquid to the liquid dispenser or liquid bag.
  2. Liquid separator: buffer liquid separator and closed liquid separator. The following table is the configuration method of the commonly used liquid dispensing system of Chutian Technology.
  3. The filling part is mainly composed of rotary valve motor and driving unit, multiple sets of filling motor and driving unit, transmission gear, roller lead rod and ceramic pump, etc.
Filling part

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