Three-in-one filling machine safety operating procedures

The three-in-one filling machine is a special equipment for non-gaseous beverages, which integrates washing, filling and sealing. On the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign technology, and according to the filling process requirements of non-gas beverages, we have innovatively developed advanced filling equipment. The three-in-one filling machine is mainly used for cleaning, filling and sealing of non-gas beverages such as milk, juice and pure water. Reasonable structure, safe operation, reliable work and convenient maintenance, it is an ideal filling equipment for large and medium-sized beverage factories.

The three-in-one filling machine adopts a stainless steel body. Mainly used for filling and sealing cups, boxes, bowls, milk, yogurt, instant noodles, lotus root powder, rice noodles and other food and beverages. It can also be used for sealing other special-shaped packages. Automatic cup loading, automatic lid, automatic sealing, automatic cup output; the three-in-one filling machine adopts imported stepless transmission system, and the production speed can be adjusted; the cam indexer makes the positioning accuracy of the film lower and the machine runs smoothly.

Three-in-one filling machine safety regulations:

  1. The filling machine has no foreign objects (such as tools, rags, etc.).
  2. Abnormal vibration is not allowed in the filling machine. If necessary, stop immediately and check the cause.
  3. All protective items should be safe and reliable. Clothes that cannot hang from moving parts (such as scarves, bracelets, watches, etc.) should not be worn.
  4. Long hair should wear a hair mask.
  5. Do not clean electrical components with water or other liquids.
  6. When cleaning, work clothes, gloves and glasses should be worn to prevent strong acid and alkali corrosion.
  7. When the three-in-one filling machine is running, someone must monitor it, and do not approach the machine with tools or other objects.
  8. Do not let non- operating personnel approach the equipment.

No matter how fierce the industry is, how crazy the prices are, how expensive the filling machines are, and the demand is too high, what is the key. Grasp the core needs, seize the opportunity and seize the opportunity. We all know that what attracts the attention of customers is the quality of the product. The three-in-one filling machine is selected, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption and high degree of automation.

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